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Since the dawn of the online advertising era in 2000, I have cultivated a career that transcends traditional boundaries. My immersion into advertising automation in 2008 marked a turning point, demanding a profound comprehension of machine learning, and the intricate nuances of first, second, and third-party data. This journey has also been guided by an unwavering commitment to consumer privacy.


My expertise reaches beyond mere advertising; it is a versatile blend of digital transformation, biddable media, consultative sales, strategic partnerships, and data-centric platforms. My time in automation has sharpened my acumen in technology, positioning me at the intersection of innovation, adaptability, and solution-driven strategies.


Having been a key player in various advertising platforms, I have gained an adaptable and collaborative approach that extends to emerging fields such as health tech, AI, data, and medical informatics. My deep understanding of the complexities within different landscapes equips me to bring fresh insights and tailored solutions to these dynamic areas.


My career's hallmark has been the ability to articulate key value propositions with clarity, rooted in the practical experience of driving revenue growth and new business. As industries continue to evolve and intersect, my unique perspective allows me to bridge gaps and leverage cross-industry applications.


If you're seeking a partner with a proven track record, who can innovate and adapt to today's interconnected world, contact me today. Let's explore how my expertise can enable your organization to thrive across diverse verticals.



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Business Development & Strategic Partnerships​

Leveraging a diverse background that spans two decades, my expertise goes beyond the confines of traditional advertising. In the realm of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, I excel at harnessing technical acumen for internal collaboration, all the while keeping a finger on the pulse of various markets and their unique needs.

My experience in advertising automation since 2008 has been instrumental in sharpening my understanding of machine learning, data management, and consumer privacy. This multifaceted knowledge empowers me to perceive opportunities for product launches or comprehensive solutions with a discerning eye.

Within the ever-evolving landscape of technology and data-driven industries, I bring a fresh perspective that transcends the advertising domain. My ability to articulate fundamental value propositions resonates not just with prospects and existing clients, but also with management teams seeking innovative strategies.


Whether it's forging new partnerships, exploring cross-vertical opportunities, or delivering tailor-made solutions, my skill set is uniquely positioned to drive growth and innovation. Reach out today to discover how we can collaborate to elevate your business in today's interconnected world.

Business Strategy

Navigating the complex landscapes of AdTech, I've forged strategic partnerships with leading platforms such as Google Marketing Platform, Adobe Ad Cloud, MediaMath, LiveIntent, LiveRamp, IAS, and Dun and Bradstreet. These alliances have allowed me to pioneer innovative solutions not only within advertising but also in emerging fields like DaaS, SaaS, Analytics, and machine learning.


My approach is defined by customization and collaboration, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client across various industries. From initial conception to final execution, I manage processes with an eye on driving desired outcomes, utilizing insights that are applicable across different verticals.

Having built and mentored teams skilled in diverse strategies, I've been able to translate the principles of campaign management into broader business applications. Whether it's leveraging the power of data analytics or tapping into the potential of machine learning, my expertise is positioned to foster growth and innovation in multifaceted business environments.

Reach out today, and let's explore how my strategic vision can align with your unique goals, crafting solutions that resonate across industry boundaries in our interconnected world.

Consulting Services

Embarking on a digital innovation or need a revitalized approach? My consulting services are here to guide:

Digital Transformation: Align your digital platforms with current trends, anticipating future needs.
Data Compilation and Analysis: Translate complex data into actionable insights, applicable across industries.

SWOT Analysis:

Assess your business's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with precision.

Tech Stack Assessments:

Evaluate your tech stack, aligning with best practices.

Strategic Partnership Management: Foster collaborations that drive mutual growth.

Consulting in Emerging Fields: Navigate evolving demands in machine learning, AI, and cross-vertical integration.

SaaS and DaaS Guidance: Seamlessly integrate Software and Data as a Service into your business.

Connect today to explore collaboration and elevate your business in our digital world.

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